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Q: Why did you start Torn Apron?
A: When thinking about the question, “Why do this” the very first thing that came to mind was “If not now, when?” COVID-19 pandemic has brought a tremendous of change and pending transformations. Our economy, specifically foodservice, will be forever changed. In thinking about my offerings, the pieces of the puzzle that I feel are missing from convenience fresh foods are quality and availability. My cuisine solves both of these problems.

The consumer wants FRESH foods that are flavorful, minimally processed, nutritious and are of restaurant quality. Retail and foodservice operators want to serve high quality fresh food, but struggle with perishability and waste. Torn Apron offers the quality the customer seeks with the supply chain availability and shelf life the retailer needs.

Q: How did you get your start?
A: I was born into the hospitality industry as my mother started the M&M Catering company in the early 70’s.. a time when few women owned businesses. As one of 5 children, I learned that I was part of my mother’s built in labor force, scrubbing dishes and loading catering trucks. I also learned the value of leftovers as a means of survival, and that a fresh scratch prepared meal could be enjoyed over multiple nights. I worked in the family business post-college for several years, before entering foodservice sales. I had the unique opportunity to both sell to and work along side some amazing Chefs over my 30+ years in this business. I have catered events for 10 people and for 10,000 people. I have played a role in every facet of wholesale food preparation….sold it …prepared it…and hopped in a refrigerated truck and delivered it. I’ve maintained a caterers mindset in every role I’ve played in foodservice, which means I’m insatiable about improving process, efficiency, and most of all food quality and satisfying people. I learned early on that if you put your name on something, that means something. Your name is your commitment to those that share it, and those who have placed their trust in you. That is why my initials are on the back of every item.




If I had to pick two words to describe my life it would be FOOD and FAMILY. I grew up in a big, loving family; we owned a catering business and I quickly learned the value of “leftovers” and hard work as a means of survival. Washing dishes and loading catering trucks at just ten years old, I had no idea that the seeds for my future were planted, but that’s exactly what happened.

Our family worked hard but it was a labor of love; it’s in our DNA to want to create delicious food and serve others… beautifully presented cuisine, meant to be savored and enjoyed with family and friends. These values have stayed with me over the years as I grew up and earned my B.S. Degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management from Virginia Tech before returning to the family business as General Manager and Director of Catering. During the past three decades I’ve been grateful to have worked with some amazing chefs who have guided me as I developed my own creative culinary path. I’ve also been fortunate to work with many great chefs and retail professionals in a variety of segments (corporate dining, universities, healthcare, hotels, convention centers, airline, and more). From chef to sales to distributor and manufacturer, I’ve worked in many positions that have led me to my new role as Chef Owner and Operator for Torn Apron. With the support of my wonderful wife of thirty years and our three amazing children, I’m excited to bring my culinary creations – beautifully presented, restaurant-quality grab and go meals to the world!

I can’t wait to serve you!
- Chef Cavey

Eating clean has never been so easy. All the food is amazing and it tastes like it was chef prepared as soon as I opened it!

Janet Exampleton

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